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Bishop’s Orthodox Liturgical Vestments

Bishops require the highest quality fabrics and materials that are on the market. In addition to the high-quality of vestments we have available, they’re also extremely affordable.

This photo is an example of a simple brocade with an embroidered omophorion. There are many different types of brocade patterns. Orthodox liturgical vestments for bishops that use this technique are by far the most popular, and this style is very popular among the Russian clergy. Simple brocade to heavy brocade is used in the making of most saccos, omophorions, and other elements of the vestment set for bishops. Remember that you can choose between many different types of brocade. To find out more about brocade, click here.
There’s nothing like a fully-embroidered vestment combination to really bring out the beauty of the Hierarchical Divine Service of the Orthodox Church. Simply taking a brocade fabric of your choosing and adding complete embroidery to the sleeves and/or hem of any one of these Orthodox liturgical vestments can greatly improve it’s appearance. This photo displays a completely embroidered vestment on velvet with medallions. Gorgeous!
This is one of our medium-embroidered hierarchical Orthodox liturgical vestments on the anzhelika fabric. The quality of the anzhelika (a poly-cotton blend) combined with the aesthetically pleasing, raised stitching of the embroidery, make these vestments truly remarkable. They do carry a higher price simply because it takes about 80 hours of work to make clergy apparel like this. There are two large embroidered crosses on the omophorion, typical of the Orthodox bishop attire. This is also a great Church Feast garment such as The Entrance of the Mother of God into the Temple or The Dormition. If you want a step-up from this garment, simply ask for the fully-embroidered vestments, as this is medium-embroidery.
Light embroidery on an Orthodox liturgical vestment has a clean, solid appearance when the hierarch dons this Church garment. It is very simplified, and in it’s simplicity there is beauty. The light embroidery encompasses the bottom third of the saccos as well as some on the sleeves, yet it is without embroidery on the middle section. The omophorion is has crosses and ornate leaves on it, but again, it is quite simple. This is a great travelling vestment for bishops, archbishops, and even metropolitans of the Orthodox Church. When you’re trying to travel light, this thing packs down to a manageable size. Purchase a simple gold or white vestment and the bishop can serve anywhere.
A combination vestment can be one of the most gorgeous orthodox liturgical vestments that you will see. The variety of colors and choices can be a little overwhelming, but with a little patience, and some good information, you can successfully choose the right combination for yourself. Embroidery can range anywhere from light to heavy, while the main fabric of the hierarchical vestment may be light Church silk, heavy Church silk, velvet, brocade or poly. The pinnacle of all the combination are displayed here in this Orthodox Liturgical vestments attire: high-quality brocade fabric, overlaid with heavy silk embroidery, with dashing icons of Our Lord and various Saints. Truly remarkable! The icons along the sleeve and bottom trim of the saccos are called medallions and can be added to any vestments if you desire.
Light Church silk is highly sought after by most clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church but also serves as sets for the Ukrainian Orthodox bishops and other jurisdictions. It has a solid, clean finish to it that doesn’t require a lot of extra work to make it beautiful. The fabric itself is what gives this particular vestment it’s originality. There are many, many patterns of light Church silk but remember that we also have heavier Church silk that is great for winter-time use and perhaps more high-ranking Feast days. Add medallions to your Light Church Silk Orthodox Vestment for an additional cost.

Orthodox Liturgical Vestments for Priests

We have lots of experience with materials, fabrics, proper fitting, and the overall experience bishops need when shopping for a cassock or vestment. We carry Orthodox liturgical vestments especially for archimadrites, bishops, archbishops and metropolitans. Regardless of the feast or the color you need, we have it all. If you have seen something that you like elsewhere, please let us know and we’ll be happy to price match and give you free shipping! Click here to view our Orthodox liturgical vestments for hierarchs.

Fully-Embroidered Priest Vestment on Velvet
Light Embroidery on Light Church Silk
Light Embroidery on Heavy Church Silk

Orthodox Liturgical Vestments for Deacons

The Priest’s vestments and cassocks that we stock, include some of the most unique on the market. We have combination orthodox liturgical vestments that are a combination of light church silk in one section of the robe, and the other section is made from velvet with hand embroidery work. A great example of this is our Combination, White and Gold Priest Vestment.